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Past Presidents

1939-1940  Henry N. Toler 
1940-1941  Urban Hughes 
1941-1942  Tom McGlothlin 
1942-1943  Dave Harrell 
1943-1944  Bob Spooner 
1944-1945  L. R. McFarland 
1945-1946  J. B. Story 
1946-1947  Fred Mellen 
1947-1948 H. Lee Spyres
1947-1948 Robert Sprague 
1948-1949  Robert Sprague 
1949-1950  Mike Monsour 
1950-1951  J. Tate Clark 
1950-1951 Charles Buck 
1951-1952  George Field 
1952-1953  James Midlin
1953-1954  Wilbur Knight 
1954-1955  A. Ed Blanton 
1955-1956  Gilbert Talley 
1956-1957 Ben Ploch 
1957-1958 Emil Monsour 
1958-1959  Charles Brown 
1959-1960  M. F. Kirby 
1960-1961  Rudy Ewing 
1961-1962  X.M. Frascogna 
1962-1963  Robert Ross 
1963-1964  William Skees 
1963-1964  Marvin Oxley 
1964-1965  Jim Bollman 
1965-1966  Sankey Blanton 
1966-1967  Alan Jackson 
1967-1968  Julius Ridgway 
1968-1969  Edward Minihan 
1969-1970  Kevin E. Cahill 
1970-1971  John Lancaster 
1971-1972  Larry Boland 
1972-1973  Charles Barton 
1973-1974  Larry Walter 
1974-1975  Gene Taylor 
1975-1976  Jerry E. Zoble 
1976-1977  P. David Cate 
1977-1978  Sarah Childress 
1978-1979 Les Aultman 
1979-1980  Philip R. Reeves 
1980-1981 Marshall Kern
1981-1982  Stephen Oivanki 
1982- 1983 Buddy Twiner 
1983- 1984 Charles Williams 
1984- 1985 C. Kip Ferns 
1985-1986  Steve Walkinshaw 
1986-1987  Bob White 
1987-1988  Harry Spooner 
1988-1989  Stanley King 
1989-1990  Stan Galicki 
1990-1991  Jim Files, Jr. 
1991-1992  Steve Ingram 
1992-1993  Michael Noone 
1992-1993  Stanley King 
1993-1994  Brian Sims 
1994-1995  Neil Barnes 
1995-1996  Lester Aultman 
1996-1997 Jack S. Moody 
1997-1998 George Vockroth
1998-1999 Rick Ericksen
1999-2000 Stanley King
2000-2001 John Marble
2001-2002 Andrew Sylte
2002-2003 Aaron Lasker
2003-2004 John G. Cox
2004-2005 James Starnes 
2005-2006 Todd Hines 
2006-2007 Bob Schneeflock 
2007-2008 Tony Stuart
2008-2009 Lisa Ivshin
2009-2010 Joe Johnson
2010-2011 Brian Sims
2011-2012 Stanley King
2012-2013 Jim Files, Jr.
2013-2014 Neil Barnes
2014-2015 Ezat Heydari
2015-2016 Jack Moody
2016-2017 Craigin Knox
2017-2018 David Hancock
2018-2019 David Dockery
2019-2020 James Sparks


A Brief History Of The

Mississippi Geological Society


To access all of the Society's Minutes, Photo Directories, and Monthly Bulletins that have been published since its founding, please click here.


The Mississippi Geological Society was founded on November 28, 1939 by 38 of the 57 petroleum geologists then employed in Jackson, Mississippi. The state had just emerged as a significant oil and gas province following the discovery of large (200+ MMBO) oil reserves in Tinsley Field earlier in the year. The Society was organized with the stated purpose of "the stimulation of interest in geology and related sciences..., the encouragement of scientific research among members..., and the discussion and dissemination of geological information".

A complete listing of the Founding Members is shown in the box at right.

From its inception, the Society has pursued the attainment of its goals and stated purpose through the continued sponsorship of field trips, technical presentations, publications, and involvement in community affairs.

Throughout the years, the Society has sponsored twenty field trips, each with an accompanying guidebook. Copies of several of the more popular field trip guidebooks are available via the Society's Publications department. Some of the more recent field trips have been undertaken in conjunction with a seminar covering the subject of the trip.

In April 1941, the Society became affiliated with the American Association Of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). Ten years later (1951), the Society joined the Gulf Coast Association Of Geological Societies (GCAGS). MGS hosted the AAPG sectional conventions in 1946 and 1949, and GCAGS/GCS-SEPM conventions in 1955, 1960, 1968, 1975, 1983, and 1992.

Involvement in research and technical projects has always been a hallmark of the Society. In 1945, MGS was instrumental in the oversight and assembly of data for the new and revised Geological Map of Mississippi. Similarly, the Society also established the MGS Library in 1945 in order to assist geologists and students in the pursuit of their research. The Student Award Program was instituted by the Society in 1947 to recognize outstanding geologic papers originated by students majoring in geologic disciplines at the state's colleges and universities.

In 1954, the Society embarked upon the first of many financial assistance programs with the establishment of its Student Loan Program, which was designed to provide support to selected college students majoring in geology throughout the state. This was followed in 1955 with the Society's awarding of scholarships to deserving high school winners in the Science Fair that was sponsored by the Mississippi Academy Of Science. More recently, the Lawrence Boland Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by the Society in 1980, has celebrated over twenty years of annual scholarship awards to one student from each of the four colleges and universities in the state that support a significant geology curriculum. Finally, the MGS Student Award Program and the MGS Student Assistance Program continue to recognize and provide assistance to outstanding students in the field of geology throughout the state's educational system.

From the early days of the Society to the present, publications have played a major role in the attainment of the purpose of the Society as set forth in its Constitution. Besides the field trip guidebooks already mentioned, other MGS publications include a number of composite and basin type logs, correlation sections, and structural / stratigraphic cross-sections. More importantly, the Society has published a series of field studies since 1952, when it first released a compendium of Wilcox oil fields, including field maps, reservoir information, and production data. The Society followed its Wilcox volume with the release of its original "Redbook" - focusing on producing fields throughout the rest of the state - in 1957. Since that time, the Society has updated its Wilcox volume and released eight successive updates to the popular Redbook, with the last having been released in 1995. In addition, MGS publishes a monthly Bulletin that is distributed to all members during the Society's active months. Finally, this website has been created in order to enable the Society to utilize the internet in distributing relevant news, geologic articles, archived Society publications, and other materials of interest to its members as well as the public at large.

Technical programs and seminars have been sponsored by the Society since its inception. Recent seminars have focused on the Cambro-Ordovician Knox Gas Play in the Black Warrior Basin of Northeast Mississippi, salt tectonics, local sequence stratigraphy and relationship to outcrops, and the Cotton Valley Gas Play within the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin. Together with the SPE, MGS also hosts monthly luncheon meetings, held from September through May of each year, where a variety of speakers give technical presentations on topics and issues of interest to the Society's and the SPE's members.

Currently, the Society's membership is approximately 150-200. During the late 1970's and early 1980's, when oil and gas exploration and production peaked in the state, membership rose to its highest level with approximately 500 members. The Society has made a special effort in recent years to encourage membership and participation by non-petroleum geologists, and currently counts a significant number of environmental, hydrological, and governmental professionals among its members. Emphasis on water quality and sensitive environmental issues, as well as the preservation of subsurface data throughout the state, have been and will continue to be important focus issues for the Society.

In the summer of 1985, the Society sponsored a field trip of historical significance when Fred Mellen led a group of MGS members on foot to traverse the very hillsides of Yazoo County that he had mapped 47 years previously in his discovery of the large surface anticline that later became the giant Tinsley Field. Four years later, the Society and other petroleum-related organizations in Mississippi sponsored a celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the discovery of Tinsley  - the state's first commercial oil field - and the subsequent founding of the Society. Sadly, Fred Mellen is no longer with us, but his legacy - like that of so many other prominent MGS members - will endure.

Today, despite the cyclical nature of the oil and gas business and the continuing evolution of the other equally important geologic professions within the state of Mississippi, the same purpose and vision that originated the Society continues to propel it into the future, due to the strong foundation of a committed membership and adaptation to changing conditions in a remarkably diverse geological field.


- Stanley King, MGS Historian, with contributions from Steve Walkinshaw

Founding Society Membership (1939)

The Mississippi Geological Society was founded on November 28, 1939 by 38 petroleum geologists employed in and around the Jackson, Mississippi area. 

The founders were:

Thomas Anderson, R. M. Ashley, John Berg, Grant Blanchard, Walter Burress, Harry Buchner, Jack Cooper, C. G. Dickinson, Edward Dobrick, E. H. Finch, E. L. Fipps, Edwin Gaby, David Harrell, Urban Hughes, Geoffrey Jeffreys, F. R. Kittredge, F. H. Leach, Jr., C. L. Morgan, R. W. Mallory, O. B. Manes, J. R. Maxey, Pat Meholin, Frederic Mellen, J. S. Miller, H. M. Morse, W. C. Morse, Tom McGlothlin, L. R. McFarland, Lloyd Parker, H. B. Peacock, C. F. Scott, John Storm, Max Sartain, Harlan Taylor, Langdon Tennis, Wade Turnbull, Henry Toler & Arthur Wedel.






Esther Applin *

Paul Applin *

Lawrence F. Boland *

David Cate

Verne L. Culbertson *

David Dockery

H. Leroy Francis *

Jim Furrh *

David C. Harrell *

Oleta R. Harrell *

E. Ralph Hines*

Dudley J. Hughes*

Urban B. Hughes *

Wendell B. Johnson*

Walter P. Jones *

Stanley King

Wilbur H. Knight *

Hilton L. Ladner *

Dee Layman *

Winnie McGlammery *

Thomas McGlothlin *

Frederic F. Mellen *

Maurice E. Meisse *

Emil Monsour*

William H. Moore *

Marvin E. Norman *

Marvin L. Oxley *

Richard R. Priddy *

Thurston C. Rader *

Donald Reese *

Julius Ridgeway

Bob Schneeflock

Baxter Smith *

Harry Spooner

Henry Toler *

H. Vaughn Watkins

Stewart Welch *

Charles Williams

Jerry Zoble


* Deceased


A set of wet samples waiting to be picked up and analyzed by a local wellsite geologist.


Portion of a diamond core cut just below the basal Smackover / Top Eagle Mills Unconformity, atop a large basement horst block, in western Washington County, Mississippi. The Norphlet is inferred to be absent in this area.  The Eagle Mills facies is a granite wash sourced from both the local basement structure (large cobbles) and adjacent eroded Jurassic paleohighs (smaller, rounded pebbles, sandstones and silt).