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The testing of the #1 Woodruff, the first commercial oil well drilled in Mississippi (discovery well for the 230 MMBO Tinsley Field), in 1939 (photo by Frank Noone)


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The 3D line shown above is from the Wayne County area of southeast Mississippi, an area where numerous deep salt ridges and turtleback anticlines dominate the Jurassic structural setting.  Hydrocarbons have been discovered and produced from both crestal and flank traps developed along the ridges and "turtles".  Data courtesy Seismic Exchange.


To view all 14 sample 3D and 2D seismic lines covering various areas of the subsurface of Mississippi, click here.


Above: Portion of diamond core showing sucrosic porosity within Upper Smackover, Escambia County, Alabama. This core was cut from the Pruet #1 ATIC Unit 10-11. The crescent-shaped depression is the location of a plug earlier removed for analysis: porosity was measured to be 16.8% and permeability totaled 693 md.

TMS Core Slab

Photomicrograph of Smackover ooid, clast

Above: Portion of diamond core showing alternating laminae of gray and black shale within the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS), Amite County, Southwest Misssissippi.

Left: Portion of diamond core showing dolomitized cross-bedded oolites deposited in a high-energy nearshore environment; the buff-colored matrix is impermeable micrite. From the Upper Smackover, west central Washington County, Alabama.

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Quarter-section of wireline diamond core showing rare occurrence of well-rounded quartz pebbles deposited in an oolitic matrix. Smackover, Northwest Louisiana.

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Left: photograph of subrounded Selma Chalk pebbles that were encountered in a large (one mile wide, 400' thick) canyon cut through the Upper and Middle Wilcox, Warren County, Mississippi.  The (Upper Cretaceous) Selma Chalk pebbles comprised most of the 400 foot-thick canyon fill.

Right: actual structural cross section through the canyon, utilizing four wells: the canyon is evidenced on the SP log for each well as a nondescript "straight line" section, obliterating the typical sand and shale sequence of the Wilcox.  It is believed that the canyon is Tallahatta or Meridian in age and Selma Chalk pebbles from a nearby outcrop were transported into the canyon.

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Workover Rig at Wellsite


Pre-loess porphyritic rhyolite cobble clast exhibiting typical
flow-banding structures.  The phenochrysts visible in this specimen have been badly weathered resulting in pitting on the outer surfaces .  The presence of unusual clasts like this can help differentiate the Pre-loess Terrace Deposits of the ancestral Mississippi River from the Citronelle Formation in Southwest Mississippi.  This specimen is from Clear Creek, a tributary of the Big Black River in Warren County, near the town of Bovina.

BDL Core Slab 

Portion of diamond core cut across the upper Brown Dense Limestone of the Smackover Formation, in Columbia County, Arkansas